Have an Attorney at Hennen Law, PLLC Handle Your Closing

Hennen Law, PLLC is a full service title agent authorized to write title insurance throughout the State of Florida through First American Title Insurance Company and Old Republic Title Insurance Company. Title insurance premiums are uniformly set throughout the State of Florida, meaning a party will pay the same amount for title insurance whether they use a non-attorney title agency or use Hennen Law, PLLC to handle their closing. In Florida it is customary for the seller to pay for title insurance in connection with closing. In most cases Hennen Law does not charge attorney’s fees where it is able to act as the title agent at closing. So why settle for a run of the mill title agency handling your closing, when you can be confident that an attorney at Hennen law, PLLC will be handling for the same cost. Moreover, Hennen Law, PLLC does not charge junk fees that many title agencies charge. Please call today to schedule your free consolation to speak with a Hennen Law, PLLC partner about all your title insurance and general legal needs.

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