Hennen Law, PLLC zealously pursues our client’s objectives while attempting to obtain the most cost-effective resolution to their problems. We understand that litigation involves distinct risks and opportunities. The key to successful litigation is communication.  Our partners are directly involved from the commencement of the representation in order to best understand your goals.  In this way we can offer practical advice tailored to your specific needs and thereby craft a personalized approach to your dispute.  Hennen Law, PLLC represents clients in all areas of real estate and business litigation, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Title, encroachment, brokerage and mechanic’s lien disputes
  • Landlord-tenant matters
  • Specific Performance
  • Evictions
  • Quiet title and real estate dispute matters
  • Breach of warranty under title insurance
  • Boundary disputes
  • Construction Lien disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Acquisition and sale of business controversies
  • Acquisition and sale of real property disputes
  • Brokerage commission disputes
  • Foreclosure and foreclosure defense
  • Homeowner’s Association and Condominium Association Lien Disputes